Two-Way Radios FAQ

Focusing on quality customer service grants us insight into the usual questions and problems that you, our customer, may ask when purchasing two-way radio systems. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers that might answer yours:


Two-Way Radios: Terminology & Functionality

1. What is a “two-way” radio?

Two-way radios both transmit and receive radio signals. In layman’s terms, a walkie-talkie is what most people would call the equipment we offer.


2. What is the range of a 2 way radio?

A simple question but a complicated answer! A portable or hand-held 2 way radio will usually be able to communicate at least 1 kilometer. Distance is variable and dependent on both terrain and prevailing weather conditions. With mobile radios that are vehicle mounted, it is usually possible to communicate 2 to 7 kilometers, subject to the previous outlined variables. 


3. Can anyone other than the intended recipient hear what I’m saying through my two-way radio?

It is technically possible, although difficult as the 2-way radios that you will purchase can be programmed with private, coded frequencies. This means that you are very unlikely to overhear anyone else’s transmissions.


4. Do two-way radios work inside a building?

For indoor use, we provide UHF radios that readily penetrate concrete, steel walls.


5. What about a Frequency License?

Not usually an issue as the operating frequencies will be either your own, or one owned by the company. The digitally coded frequencies will therefore not interfere with other designated (or occupied) frequencies.


Two Way Radio vs. Mobile Phone

6. What is the advantage of 2-way radios over mobile phones?

Instant communication! Without a doubt, two-way radios are the most reliable and widely used team communications solution.


7. What about push-to-talk mobile phone communications instead?

Push-to-talk is simply not suited to rapid and reliable team communications. Aside from the cost (every time you push to talk, it costs you), the service is subject to network availability – not ideal if instant communications are critical.

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